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Based on the characteristics and requirment of elevator industry, Metro Lifts uses specially designed geared and gearless machines for the best elevating experience. We uses low energy consuming and eco friendely machines in our all elevators.


Geared Machines

We use precision made geared traction machines to serve the lift industry. These machines use AC induction Motor and Worm Wheel Reduction Gear Box. These Machines are made for Long life and durability. The High Quality Lubricant is used to increase the Life of the Machine. These Geared Machines are used for speeds upto 2.0 mps and for height of upto 80 meters.


Gearless Machines

We use precision made High Torque Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor gearless traction machines. These Machines are highly efficient and consumes less Power as compared to Geared machines. As there is no Reduction gearbox, the machine ensures high efficiency. These machines are Sealed for life and do not require Oil Change. These machines also provide a smooth ride for the passengers as there is low noise and vibrations as compared to a geared machine. Most of the time the gearless machine is fitted with 2:1 roping which reduces the Kilowatt rating of the Machine required for carrying certain amount of load resulting in better efficiency. These Machines save upto 30% power as compared to geared Machine. This Machine can be used for Machine Roomless applications. These Machines are used for low as well as for high speed application. All high-rise, high speed elevators use gearless machines.


Doors are the entry and exit to the Elevator, these doors are continuously used and hence have to be robust and should stand the test of time. Metro Lifts uses the versatile and high-quality doors in all our implementations. Design flexibility, coupled with full range of certifications, makes Metro Lift's landing doors suitable for every application. We manufacture Elevators with Manual and automatic doors. Various types of manual doors and automatic doors are available to suit the site conditions and also to suit the needs of various customers.



Automatic Doors open and close on push of buttons for entering and exiting of the elevator. These doors are reliable and made to last. These doors are fitted with world class operating mechanism which includes motors and invertors. All the manual doors are equipped with mechanical interlocks and electrical safety system, this makes the use of the elevator safe for the passengers.

Center Opening Doors, Telescopic Doors, Vertical Telescopic Doors are the different types of automatic doors that we currently implements in our elevators.



Manual Doors are Handled Continuously for entering and exiting the elevator, hence these doors have to be very robust to take the continuous ware and tare. All the manual doors are equipped with mechanical interlocks and electrical safety system, this makes the use of the elevator safe for the passengers.

Collapsible Doors, Swing Doors, Imperforate Doors, Manual Telescopic Doors, Bi-parting Doors are the different types of manual doors that we currently implements in our elevators.


Cabin is the place where the passenger truly experiences the elevator. Hence, it is very important that the cabin designs suit the taste of the Passengers and integrate well with the overall design of the building and give a perfect feel.

We manufacture Elevator with various types of Cabin to suite the Taste of every client. We have a range which starts from basic Mild steel powder coated cabins to premium designer stainless steel cabins.

Mild Steel Powder Coated Cabin, Stainless Steel Hairline Finish Cabin, Luxurious Stainless Steel Etched Design Finish Cabin, Panoramic / Capsule Type Cabin are the different types of cabins that we currently implements in our elevators.

Control Systems

Metro Lifts offers elevator control solution for Passenger /Freight Lift with various kinds of specifications to control all type of LIFTS for machine and machine room-less applications.

Metro Lifts uses the state-of-the art C-Bus based elevator controller series in which the main card, COP, LOPs & other devices like LCD Displays Floor Ann. system etc are connected via two wires which avaids bulky wiring, Skilled technician. It speeds up installation time. Metro Lifts control systems eases the debugging by its self diagnostic feature.

We uses control systems like MANUAL DOOR DOL (SINGLE SPEED) CONTROLLER (8/12/20 LANDING), MANUAL DOOR V3F CONTROLLER (8/12/20 LANDING) FOR INDUCTION & PM(GEARLESS) MOTOR M/C, AUTO DOOR V3F CONTROLLER(FOR 8/16 LANDING) FOR INDUCTION & PM(GEARLESS) MOTOR M/C, Hydraulic Lift controller for Manual/Automatic Door LIFT–HD8L - to provide the best elevator control system service to our esteemed clients.


We Metro Lifts uses the most modern and high quality Car Operating Panels(COP) and Landing Operating Panels(LOP) in all our elevators.


Attractive Front Plate available on different kinds of plate finishes.
Available in various kind of attractive push buttons.
Display varieties like 7-Segment, Dot Matrix ,LCD,TFT available.
Emergency Light, Push to Talk(Intercom) can be Incorporated.
Interfacing of RF ID & Biometric Based access.
Customized Length & fixing arrangement.


Attractive Front Plates available on different kinds of plate finishes.
Single OR Double Button Type.
Display varieties like 7-Segment, Dot Matrix ,LCD,TFT available.
Push to Talk(Intercom) can be Incorporated.
Customized Length & fixing arrangement.


We uses world class and most moderns accessories in all our elevator implementations to provide the best elevating experience to our valuable clients.

W e uses accessories like Gravity Overload Annunciating Device, Xtreme Vision Safety Light Curtain, Xenn Lift Display, Trendy Push Buttons, Touch Sensitive Buttons, Safety Alarms etc. to ensure that the elevator is 100% secure and safe in operation.

Metro Lifts has grown to become one of the few fully-integrated Indian elevator companies that engineers, installs and maintains elevating devices. Since Inception Metro Lifts has been committed to meet global standards in producing elevators and as a result succeeded in forging strategic alliances with global OEM vendors. Metro Lifts has a large elevator engineering department, which includes mechanical, Electrical and electronic engineers. This allows Metro Lifts to offer unparalleled response time to unique customer requirements.

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Metro Lifts is scaling new horizons of achievement by catering to various needs of diverse industrial sectors. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality elevators and lifts including industrial elevators, glass elevators, heavy duty elevators, building glass elevators etc.

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